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In this new book, Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 Minutes a Day, Tamara Donn, reveals the exact steps used regain your calm, enjoy your kids and get more done in just 5 minutes a day. Have a sneak preview and get excited!

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I have been following Tamara’s system and I can’t rave enough  about it. All of that stress and chaos that you feel is insurmountable  becomes manageable in a very calming way. It was life-changing for  me in so many ways.’ -Natalie Bachiri (mum and EFT practitioner)

Tamara, what a brilliant book this will be, and how amazingly helpful  to frazzled mums everywhere! I wish it had existed when I had my  babies! You’re an absolute star to have seen the need and produced  the text – not an easy thing to do at all, but it will reward you both  emotionally and financially when it flies off the shelves.’ - Sally Sutton (grandmother and editor)

As a business-owner, home schooler, & wife to a husband with limiting disabilities this system spoke to my feeling of CONSTANTLY being overwhelmed.. I was a bit concerned that even this system would feel overwhelming but I KNEW it would be helpful…AND IT WAS. Tamara led tapping on topics including feeling overwhelmed, shifting perspective, focusing on gratitude and other emotions. This system was so beneficial in itself, and it also confirmed to me the value of Tapping.. - Jamie Lynn Fisher (mum)